Look at what we’ve done, New Brunswick!

We have a proud history of innovative problem solvers who have changed the world.

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Crossword Game

Crossword game, Edward R. MacDonald, Shediac, 1926.


Scuba Tank

Scuba tank, James Elliot and Alexander McAvity, Saint John, 1839.



Ganong Brothers Ltd., St. Stephen, the first in Canada to produce lollipops, 1895.

Here are a few other home-grown innovations that make us #nbproud.

  • Compound steam engine, Benjamin F. Tibbets, Fredericton, 1845.
  • Snow blower, Robert Carr Harris, Dalhousie, 1870.
  • Sardine cans, Henry T. Austin, Black’s Harbour, 1932.
  • Clothes washer with roller wringer, John E. Turnbull, Saint John, 1843.
  • Combined hot and cold water faucets, Thomas Campbell, Saint John, 1880.
  • Dump box for trucks, Robert T. Mawhinney, Saint John, 1920.

And the list will keep growing. 

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