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Pat Whalen - LuminUltra

Water availability is becoming an increasingly important topic around the world. One of the most important factors in water supply and management is microbiology, a subject to which Pat Whalen – President & CEO of LuminUltra – has dedicated his life. Pat is an innovator in the field, bringing user-friendly products and world-class knowledge to industries such as drinking water, industrial manufacturing, and wastewater treatment all over the globe. LuminUltra has sold its microbiological test kits and software products to these sectors for more than 15 years, making it one of the first to bring microbiological testing in water mainstream.  

Part of the reason why Pat’s work is so important is to preserve and transfer the knowledge. Due in part to current demographic shifts, there significant risk that now retiring baby-boomers would leave the workforce without having transferred what they have learned in their careers to the next generation of water professionals. For that, LuminUltra provides extensive teaching and machine learning on the matter to all its clients, insuring that they not only know what to do, but understand the data and know how to keep our water systems safe. To make things even easier, Pat and the team at LuminUltra are developing next-generation automated testing tools driven by digital knowledge and decision-making. 

Pat Whalen is not only an innovator, but also a marketer, salesperson and researcher on a quest to provide clean, healthy, and sustainable water around the world. 


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