Joanna Nickerson

Joanna Nickerson - GTFO

Joanna is the B4C Social Innovation Manager at the Pond Deshpande Centre where she enables social innovation and social entrepreneurship. In addition to supporting social innovators in the community, she herself is a social entrepreneur who recently launched the GTFO adventure club.

Thinking of ways to get outside more with an organized group of ladies, she created a survey and posted it on Facebook. Little did she know the impact it would have. In a short period of time she received hundreds of answers from women all over the province. Due to the high demand for an organized, women-specific outdoor group in the region, she launched the adventure club, which she now runs with four other volunteers. 

GTFO adventure club encourages women to get outside, learn new skills and meet people through activities and events. It’s an opportunity for women to come together, be adventurous and form new relationships. 

Those interested can check out the website for upcoming events, curated content on theblog and ways to connect with other members. 

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