Isabelle Perron Desjardins

Isabelle Perron Desjardins - Musikami

A music teacher at École le Sommet, Isabelle is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to have a positive impact on her students’ lives. Through her studies with the Mus-Alpha Laboratory, she was able to hone her music education skills to promote optimum development of the brain’s executive functions. Last year, she did some Mélodys training in France, which has enabled her to use music education as a learning tool with students who have learning difficulties. Her level-1 ASD training with the Department of Education equips her to work with children who have autism.

Very committed to her profession, she is the president of the AEFNB’s Francophone music educators, and she sits on various committees working to improve education, the arts, and student well-being.

An entrepreneur, she founded École Musikami while she was still in university. Besides offering musical awakening courses for small children, she teaches piano, singing, and ukulele to both young and old alike. She offers music education training to teachers and educators in Canada. In addition, Isabelle has written her own musical awakening program, which is taught in a number of regions in the province.

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