Erin Flood

Erin Flood - GoDo

Specialized in data and media, Erin spent the last couple of years working with tech startups. Passionate about the data, she soon realized that people and businesses needed greater understanding of how they could use it for their business and beyond. That’s what motivated her to launch her own business, GoDo. 

GoDo translates data into valuable insights that are digestible for wide audiences to consume. It focuses on building products with the human experience at the forefront, and technology as the enabler to reach the solution that services every level of society.

Erin states that the name GoDo comes from a philosophy she learned in her early childhood from her father, entrepreneur as well. "My father would remind us to "Go & Do" every day, meaning try new things, take new risks and don’t be afraid to colour outside of the lines."

 Outside of the office, Erin serves on numerous boards, NGOs for the most part and is a huge support to women in the business arena, even though she believes "that the "Go Do" philosophy should be applied to every human, gender aside." 

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