Elaine Deschenes

Élaine Deschênes - Centre de pédiatrie sociale Sud-Est (CPSSE)

Trained as a pediatrician, Elaine Deschênes wondered about the real impact of traditional practice on the lives of children. Disappointed by what she found in traditional practice, which focuses more on “dressing the wounds,” rather than addressing the sources, and which only reaches a part of the children who are often the most affluent, she decides to focus her practice on social pediatrics.

This European model breaks traditional silos of health, social development, and education. And Dr. Julien's team in Montreal also incorporates the legal aspect. These sectors, which intertwine intimately with the child's daily life, work in close collaboration with and for the child, who remains the central reason for the initiative. Under this philosophy, social consciousness is of major importance, since as a community we are all responsible for the children.

It is in this spirit that she surrounded herself with people from various backgrounds to set up the Centre de pédiatrie sociale Sud-Est (CPSSE), in Memramcook in 2016. This project places tremendous emphasis on the strengths of the child’s home community and ensures that the rights of the child are respected. It is a project that has been more than six years in the making. An innovative project that complements the care provided to the general population; upstream work that focuses on the “determinants of health.”

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