David Shipley

David Shipley - Beauceron Security Inc.

When it comes to stemming the growing threat of cybercrime, it’s people, not technology, that is the most critical aspect of improving cybersecurity, says Beauceron Security Inc. CEO and co-founder David Shipley. 

Turning people from the number one cyber vulnerability inside any organization into its best line of defense is the mission behind the Beauceron cyber risk management platform. The technology developed by Beauceron helps educate and empower everyone in an organization from the front-line to senior management and boards. 

“The mission of empowering everyone to be the first and best line cyber defense is embedded in our organization’s name, which comes from a French sheepdog, as its their mission to turn everyone from passive victims – the sheep – into active defenders – the sheepdogs,” says Shipley. 

The Beauceron technology – borne from first-hand experience defending the University of New Brunswick and engaging its community – is now used by more than 27 organizations and in more than 20 countries around the world from retail to manufacturing, from energy to government and higher education.  It’s innovative personal and organizational cyber risk scores are helping turn cybersecurity from the source of anxiety to a source of competitive advantage for numerous organizations. 

“We’re proudly following the security innovation footsteps laid in New Brunswick in the past by exceptional people and firms such as Q1Labs and their QRadar solution,” says Shipley. 

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