Cedric McGraw

Cédric McGraw

A computer science teacher at École l’Odyssée, Cédric McGraw does his utmost to find an effective way of motivating his students to learn. To do this, he decided to go beyond the curriculum of his course by getting the students to experience what they are learning about through their own creation. That is how Cédric and his class came to develop an arcade, from the design to the finished product. 

The students built, programmed, and of course tested their masterpieces with a new passion for the course. Now these games are accessible to all students at the school. “I don’t like to have students work on a project that will simply be tossed in the garbage,” he said. Outside the classroom, this new project led Cédric and his students to various conventions and exhibitions, where the young people impressed a lot of onlookers with their exploits, making the teacher and the students very proud.

Cédric did not stop with the arcade’s success. He has just begun another project similar to the arcade, but with a different design. The current tool will be in the form of a multidisciplinary table that will be used to let several people play, and also to review concepts of other subjects. "It’s like a ‘tablet’ table," he said. A project by young people for young people: that is what Cédric found to be his best asset for motivating his students. 

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