Benjamin Kelly

Benjamin Kelly - Minecraft Education Edition

Looking at educational trends in our province and at a global scale, Benjamin Kelly realized what he was teaching his students could go further than the curriculum. Believing in New Brunswick’s World class capabilities in EdTech, he started to focus his program on developing 21st century competencies. 

Feeling Game-Based Learning offered a flexible, safe and familiar environment, Benjamin, as a Global Minecraft Mentor developed Minecraft worlds to help educators teach their students. Through Minecraft Education Edition, students can demonstrate understanding of the curriculum and grow capabilities in each of the 21st century skills. 

This version of the popular game allows massive collaboration and powerful teacher tools as the primary goal. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) support literacy EDventures and Chemistry and Coding resource packs teach much more than the basics of those subjects. 


“It’s quirky, 3D and most importantly a culture our students understand.”

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