Alessandro Corazza

Alessandro Corazza - Corazza In-House Marketing

After more than a dozen years working in the field of marketing, Alessandro has held many roles. While working at a local marketing agency, he noticed that managing marketing initiatives can be difficult for small and medium-sized businesses.

If big companies usually have one or more marketing positions, SMEs sometimes end up without options. Hiring a permanent employee may not be possible and advertising agencies do not deal with the day-to-day issues. The business owner often has to somehow take care of it. Alessandro decided to find a solution to this problem.

In 2016, he decided to start a business and creates his own company: Corazza In-House Marketing. He offers his services as “Director of Marketing” to various businesses in the province. He participates in project management with the internal team without the company needing to justify a full-time position. His marketing services are tailored to SMEs, which benefit from his experience and the great flexibility he offers.

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